Who We Are

About us:- In today’s environment, our efforts can deplete or add life. When you look for ways to add life, it’s sustainable and makes everything work better. The result is enhance plant and soil health for your gardens, as well as improved environment for humans and animals.

About us:-We at Garden Genie promote sustainable and natural living through our curated range of products. Our products are all-natural, easy to use, and friendly to the soil, the plant as well as the grower. Garden Genie’s products deliver essential plant nutrition which significantly increases the beneficial microbial organisms already residing in the environment.

All the products from our brand are thoroughly subjected to multiple quality checks before being dispatched to our customers. We are dedicated to provide our customers with high quality products, service and support. Our company was forme and works on the embodiment of ‘social enterprise is the only sustainable way to work with nature’.

Why Choose Garden Genie?

At Garden Genie, we strive to provide our clients with complete nutrition solutions and supplements that will meet all your plants’ nutrition needs. With Garden Genie you will have less measuring and mixing, and less room for error. Your soil, lawns and kitchen gardens will experience dramatic growth, from sowing to plucking.

We are on a mission to make Earth a better place to live for not only ourselves but our coming generations. We encourage people to embrace natural and sustainable ways of farming and gardening and thereby lead a healthier and happier life. So, let’s join hands- for a healthier and sustainable tomorrow.

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