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The Magic of Seaweed (Kelp) Liquid Fertilizer

Magic of Seaweed

How Is It Beneficial For Your Home Garden?

Seaweed extract is an excellent organic stimulant for plant growth. It contains all necessary hormones which are required for growth and development of the plant. It is a liquid fertilizer which provides a rich source of Growth Hormones, especially auxin for root growth. An increased root mass means better moisture and nutrient uptake, leading to more foliage, flowers and resistance to stress.

Benefits of Seaweed Fertilizer for Plants

seaweed and humic liquid combo

Seaweed Liquid Extract is in general beneficial for all plants as it provides the plants with much required growth hormones and necessary micro and secondary nutrients for the overall development of the plant. You can notice the following differences especially in fruiting and flowering plants:

  • Thicker, healthy roots
  • Robust new root growth
  • Increased plant size
  • Increased resistance against some diseases, temperature changes, drought, and waterlogged situations
  • Better flower quality and colour
  • Bigger Produce
  • Thicker Foliage

How Does This Help In Plant Growth In Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Seaweed is rich in auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, and beneficial micro-nutrients, all plant growth hormones withoit which the development of the plant would not be possible. The function of auxin is to stimulate and facilate root growth and of cytokinin is promotie shoot growth. Both these plant hormones are naturally produced by the plant, however when we use growth booster fertilizers like seaweed extract liquid fertilizer it gives boost to this natural processes and encourages more root and shoot development.

Gibberellin serves an important role in stem elongation, leaf expansion, and flower development. Therefore, seaweed extract liquid enables plant to grow bigger and stronger with more foliage, better flowers/fruits, and better resistance to stress.

Why pick Garden Genie’s Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer


There are many brands offering liquid fertilizer. However, Garden Genie’s Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer is unique because:

Firstly, our product extracts natural plant hormones from 7 different seaweed species and are not synthetically produced in laboratories.

We have formulated a unique blend of Auxin, Cytoknin and Gibberellin, unlike other brands where generally contain a high level of cytokinin. The problem with a high level of cytokinin is that it would stimulate predominantly shoot growth whereas root growth would just be secondary.  This would result in “leggy” plants with not much root support and making the plant more vulnerable to root burn, diseases, nutrient deficiency etc.

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