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Garden Genie Garden Grow provides complete nutrition to plants & trees in simple and easy to use spray bottles. It’s an optimum combination of Macro, Micro and Secondary Nutrients which are essential for plant’s overall health.

About this item

  • Direction of use: Apply s a spray once a week
  • Spray on the entire plant,including fruits and vegetable,once a wee
  • It can be used for all Indoor and Outdoor plants
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Garden Genie Garden Grow provides complete nutrients to plants & trees in simple and easy-to-use spray bottles. It’s an optimum combination of Macro, Micro and Secondary Nutrients which are essential for the plant’s overall health. All Purpose Plant Food is safe for all plants, guaranteed not to burn when used as directed, and starts to work instantly.

Use on all flowers, all vegetables, houseplants, roses, and all trees and shrubs. For best results, feed every 7-10 days when plants are actively growing. Within 2-3 weeks you will see the health of the plant improved with shiny and vibrant leaves.

About this item

  • IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF PLANTS – This can be use successfully on all your indoor house plants and outdoor potted flowers regrowth with 100% natural ingredients which has been made without any chemicals. It contains high organic carbon which is very essential for better crop production.
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE – With all-natural sustainable resources concern safe to use. Apart from that, you can easily use it by just pushing garden to grow into the root zone near the center of your plant, and then you just have to provide water to see results. It improves Organoleptic Properties like Shine, Colour, Odour, Taste, and thereby Nutritional Properties in plants.
  • NATURAL PLANT NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY ROOT – This plant growth stimulator, organic carbon offers a congenial micro-environment to roots and helps to stimulate plant root growth. It helps plants address abiotic pressure/stress because during flowering plant undergoes a lot of stress /pressure.
  • FAST & CONTINUOUS – These Liquids can be used on regular basis and release food sources that ensure the regularly blooming and flower formation of your plants. This Plant Fertilizer is designe in such a way that its all-purpose plant formula directly reaches into the soil of potted plants.
  • 100% HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – With high-quality ingredients, it can help in strong root development.


  • Suitable for all plants in terrace gardens or kitchen gardens. Prevents premature fruit drops.
  • It improves the fruits & vegetable production. Prevents nutrient deficiency.
  • Works great for all stages of plant growth, from seed to harvest.
  • Helps to increase chlorophyll content in the plant, leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis.
  • This will increase plant vigor and makes the plants lush green.

Direction of Use:

  • Apply as a foliar spray once a week.
  • Spray on the entire plant, including fruits and vegetables, once a week.
  • It can be used for all Indoor and Outdoor plants.

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