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Neem Cake & Poultry Manure


Organic Manure & Fertilizer Combo

Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals

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Garden Genie Neem Cake & Poultry Manure

Poultry Manure is not just chicken poop. It also contains the litter or bedding that is used in the coop (often wood shavings or straw) along with animal debris like feathers and feed, feed supplements like a calcium-rich eggshell. These are all things that, when broken down, can be beneficial in the garden, too. All of this combines to make a well-rounded garden amendment.

Garden Genie Poultry Manure

Garden Genie Poultry Manure is 100% non-toxic and Eco-friendly product that provides the required vital nutrients to your plants which cannot be substituted by chemical manures in the market which will most definitely spoil the soil quality. For the healthy growth of a plant, there are many essential components, manure being one of them. Our product is 100% natural as it is made out of poultry waste which improves the quality and fertility of the soil. It also increases the water holding capacity of the soil and avoids the threat of pests and diseases.

  • Garden Genie’s Poultry Manure will act as a good soil amendment. It will aid in increasing organic matter in the soil.
  • It will also increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
  • It provides the necessary Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to you plants which entails keeps your garden healthy and flourishing.

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