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Garden Genie Organic Manure is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly product that provides the required /vital nutrients to your plants which cannot be substituted by chemical manures in the market which will most definitely spoil the soil quality. For the healthy growth of a plant, there are many essential components, manure being one of them. Our product is made out of 100% natural cow dung which improves the quality and fertility of the soil. It also increases the water holding capacity of the soil and avoids the threat of pests and diseases.

  • Garden Genie’s Organic Manure boosts both Nutrient Efficiency and Organic Matter Content in the soil.
  • It enhances plants’ resistance to erosion by improving the soil’s organic matter content
  • It provides important Secondary & Trace Nutrients to the plants which helps to restore and maintain soil fertility.
  • It encourages and nurtures plant growth and facilitates the slow release of nutrients in response to the dynamic needs of plants.
  • It enhances the quality attributes of produce
  • It helps to enhance the biological activity and biodiversity of soils
  • It nurtures the soil with organic matter that reduces dependency on chemical inputs.
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