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Garden Genie PROM is formulated with Natural Minerals, Organic Manure & Bio Nutrients. It provides soil with much needed Organic Carbon & Phosphorus in a slow releasing form It helps to enhances germination and plant growth and improves root growth and structure.


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About this Product:

  • It helps plants to Stimulate root development, Increase stalk and stem strength, Improve flower formation and seed production, more uniform and earlier crop maturity, Increased nitrogen N-fixing capacity of legumes, Improvement in crop quality, and Increased resistance to plant diseases
  • Prom Fertilizer primarily focuses on Roots, flowers, and fruit development.
  • This product makes of rock phosphate and organic carbon, protein, etc. Bioorganic manure which is neatly accepted by soil microbes without any harmful effect on the soil. This product is round shape granules form, so it is used easily.
  • It be establish that PROM can be an ideal substitute for DAP. Besides providing an alternative to DAP, the study also opens the scope for reducing the cost of costly chemical fertilizers.
  • Enhances germination and plant growth Visibly improved root growth and structure.
  • Follow 3 Simple Steps to Feed the Plants- Apply Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) Granules 25-50 gm per plant (As per Plant size), Cover with 1-2 Inch soil, Irrigate afterward.


  • The best source of Organic Phosphorous for the Urban Gardener.
  • Improves the overall productivity by enhancing root development in plants.
  • Improves _lower formation and seed production.
  • Helps in better root development and also increases the stalk & stem strength of the plant.
  • The presence of Phosphorus, Nitrogen & Organic Carbon helps to keep the luster/moisture of the soil.
  • Improves the water holding capacity of the soil.

 Contents: Phosphorous, Organic Carbon & Nitrogen


  • Remove 1-2 inches of the soil from the top layer of the pot and add 25-50 grams of Garden Genie’s Prom (as per plant size).
  • Add some more soil on top and mix well.
  • Water adequately and repeat the dosage every month/ two months depending upon the plant’s need.

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